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Komik Naruto 522; Impure World Resurrection baru feat Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist

muncul 7 orang seven sworsmen dan yg dah muncul cuman zabuza dan yg besar pemilik...

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Komik Naruto 520; Rasengan versi baru dan Impure World Resurrection Baru

Naruto 520 (English)CLICK Images to EnlargeAlso Read Chopperman and Rock Lee's...

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Komik Naruto 519; Kelemahan Jutsu Impure World Resurrection Kabuto dan Teknik Baru Naruto!

Sasori terdiam mendengar kata-kata kankurou. "Ketika pengendali boneka dikendalikan...

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Edo Tensei - Resurrection to the Impure World

Kuchiyose Edo Tensei is a Ninjutsu technique which had been forbidden because of its dark...

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