Dragonball - The Movie (2009) lebih bagus ato lebih ancur?

Bagi penggemar manga Dragon Ball, sebentar lagi akan dapat menyaksikan sebuah film yang diangkat berdasarkan komik yang dibuat oleh Akira Toriyama ini. Setelah beberapa waktu terakhir ini banyak film-film yang mengangkat tema Superheroes yang dibuat, maka studio 20th Century Fox berencana untuk melaunching film dengan judul "DragonBall" yang launchingnya direncanakan pada hari Jum'at tanggal 10 April 2009 di Amerika.

Film ini sendiri disutradarai oleh James Wong dengan produser Stephen Chow. Dalam pembuatannya sendiri melibatkan beberapa artis dan aktor ternama misalnya saja Chow Yun Fat yang akan berperan sebagai Master Roshi. Goku sendiri sebagai tokoh utama cerita Dragonball ini akan diperankan oleh Justin Chatwin. Kemudian ada juga Emmy Rossum yang akan berperan sebagai Bulma.

Ceritanya sendiri dimulai dengan Goku. Dia berusaha mencari benda seperti dipesankan oleh kakek angkatnya yang bernama Gohan yaitu untuk menemukan besar Master Roshi dan mengumpulkan tujuh buah Dragon Balls. Diharapkan setelah ketujuh Dragon Ball tersebut disatukan, maka dapat digunakan untuk mencegah kejahatan dari Pikolo yang juga sedang mencari dragon Ball dan ingin menggunakan Dragon Ball untuk mengambil alih dunia.

Jadi,bagi anda penggemar cerita Dragonball, bersiap-siaplah untuk menantikanpenayangan film ini. Hanya saja entah tanggal berapa film tersebut akantayang di Indonesia


Goku - Justin Chatwin

Goku Chatwin

18years old, Goku is considered uncool and unpopular at school, but he isin fact an extremely talented martial arts fighter who gets rigoroustraining from his grandfather, Gohan. After the death of hisgrandfather by the evil Lord Piccolo, Goku finds his destiny in hisgrandfather's dying request that he find Master Roshi and gather allseven Dragon Balls (of which he has one) in order to prevent Piccolofrom succeeding in his desire to use the dragonballs to take over theworld. Trained by Master Roshi, aided by Bulma and Yamcha, friends hemeets along the way, Goku proves himself a formidable, almostundefeatable fighter. On many dangerous adventures to find theremaining Dragon Balls and thus save the world, Goku conquers physicaland emotional challenges, ultimately saving the world but clearlyimpelled to spend his life searching for the Dragon Balls with histrusty companions.

Piccolo - James Marsters

Piccolo Marsters

Anancient being who despite his humanoid appearance, is from an alienrace determined to take over the world. Piccolo is the cursed ruler ofa demonic race who nearly destroyed Earth 2000 years ago, and with thecoming of the eclipse and the possession of all seven Dragon Balls,he's prepared to free himself and do the job right this time. Craftyand smart, Piccolo has some disturbing news for Goku, namely that theboy is actually a Saiyan who's destined to join Piccolo as his righthand in destroying and enslaving the planet.

Bulma - Emmy Rossum

Bulma Emmy Rossum

20s,female, pretty, with great intelligence behind her gleaming eyes, Bulmais a determined, competitive young woman whose father's five starDragon Ball was stolen by Lord Piccolo, and who believes that she canharness their unlimited energy and change the world like Edison orEinstein. Bulma, who has a DBE (a Dragon Ball locator device), teams upwith Goku, and with him meets up with Master Roshi and Yamcha as theyattempt to collect the missing Dragon Balls before Piccolo can destroythe world. A resourceful and courageous young woman who's also aweapons expert, she overcomes many obstacles with her colleagues, onlyto find the seven Dragon Balls ultimately snatched from their grasp-butit's clear she's going to continue searching for them with Goku andYamcha

Yamcha - Joon Park

Yamcha Joon Park

20s,"the bad boy who has no trouble attracting women, An ingenious youngman whose utililty truck is the Swiss Army Knife of trucks-every tooland gear imaginable sprouts from its body-Yamcha joins Goku, Bulma(with whom he becomes romantically involved) and Master Yoshi on theirquest to find the seven Dragon Balls before Piccolo

Mai - Eriko Tamura

Mai Eriko Tamura

Late20s, female, her features exotic, sexy but deadly, dressed in gleamingblack, with weapons strapped all over her body, she's a martial artsexpert and Lord Piccolo's chief enforcer.

Chi Chi - Jamie Chung

Chi Chi Jamie Chung

Goku'slifelong love interest, Chi Chi is an attractive, tom boy-ish youngwoman who has grown up with Goku. She has studied martial arts and hasalways suspected that Goku possesses talents that are unusual andextraordinary. After Goku embarks on his journey to redeem hisgrandfather's death, Chi Chi meets up with Goku and his crew at atournament of champions where their mutual attraction finally heats upduring a training session.

Master Roshi - Chow Yun Fat

Roshi Chow Yun Fat

Thisolder man is a good friend of Goku's grandfather, Gohan, and Goku comesto enlist his help after his grandfather is killed. Although he lookslike a beggar, Roshi is one of the world's most fearsome fighters.Master Roshi begins Goku's rigorous training to prepare him for theadventure of finding and fighting for the seven Dragon Balls to savethe world from Piccolo's destructive plan. A wise, somewhat wry man whoknows as much about human nature as he does about martial arts, MasterRoshi is impressed with Goku's fighting but reminds him of his failingsas well.

The cast has been pretty weird. Marsters as Piccolo and Rossum as Bulma seems good. I'm not too sure about Yamcha and Chi Chi (she's too hot for Chi Chi LOL).And Chow Yun Fat as Roshi..that could either be the greatest castingever or the most f***ed up. LOL It's Chow Yun Fat, I think he can pullit off.