Naruto VS Pain, Download Video Naruto Shippuden special AMV

I found out there's lot of people coming to this people with Naruto vs Pain or Video Pain Vs Naruto and other keyword related to Naruto and Pain Aktsuki. FYI, the fight between Sage Naruto versus Pain, the leader of Akatsuki is still far away. Maybe 30 Episode of Naruto Shippuden. Approximately on Naruto Shippuden 171 (we are on Naruto Shippuden 141 right now).

Why so many people looking for this Video? beacuse Naruto versus Pain fight is one of the best fight on Naruto Shippuden series! Luckily, some of dedicated Fans of Naruto create special videos aka AMV about the fight between Sage Naruto vs Pain. After download and watch AMV Naruto vs Pain, I really amaze by the Video. I know the quality is not comparable to the REAL Naruto Shippuden Anime, but it's really freaking awesome video! Believe me!

Video Pertarungan Naruto Vs pain Akatsuki - Great Fight EVER!!

All of the Video hosted on Youtube, you can easily download it by using Youtube Downloader or if you are using IDM aka Internet Download Manager, the Download link will appear automatically above the Video window. Personally, my Favorite scene on the video is when Hinata try protecting Naruto. The music is really good and match the situation :D . 

Even thought the quality isn't good, but the one who create this video is really something. Good job bro!! I hope the REAL Naruto Vs Pain on Shippuden is far far more cool than this one. to all of Naruto fans, Download Video Naruto Vs pain immedeatly. Anyway, you can download Buku Membongkar gurita Cikeas here ^^.


kok,, videoa naruto 169 tdk bisa didownload lagi???...

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wow mata naruto warnanya merah loe

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