Spoiler RAW Komik Naruto 488; Tsunade Sudah Sadar! Join Force Ninja Terbentuk



by: yagami - NF

Translation :

Translation :

part 1, will add the rest later :

Daimyou : Akatsuki haves Bijuus ! There's no time for quarrel !

Daimyou : But this shinobi alliance ? If we let Ninjas haves too much power, we're in for a lot of troubles.

Earth Country Daimyou : Water Daimyou ! You can't even trust your own shinobi ? but first ...

Monitor Guy : huh, please can you come to an agreement ? Our power battery is going to shut off.

488 : To each one of them his country.

Thunder Daimyou : Thunder Country agree with this !

Earth Daimyou : Us too, just like before.

Wind Daimyou : We agree too.

Fire Daimyou : Mmh, I guess we can give it a try, Fire agree.

Water Daimyou : Ok, I got it. Water agree.

Monitor Guy : Good. And with this, the meeting for the Shinobi alliance ends.

Fire Daimyou : Well ... I should contact Konoha immediatly.

Meawhile ...

Lee, Kiba, Sai and Akamaru sleeps.

Naruto : You have a whole lot of trouble and those guys are sleeping ?

Sakura : "Ha haha ..."

Naruto : Hmm ...

Kakashi : "Sakura ...

Thoses guys agreed to help you. When they wake up, I want you to apologize properly, you hear me ?

Naruto goes to Lee.

Naruto : "Geez ... you guys ... "

Sakura : "Naruto ... It's my fault they're like this, so be cool and ..."

Naruto : "I don't feel good right now ... :/"

Sakura : "Just go and sleep" *bitchslaps Naruto*

Karin : "And If Naruto is like this, Sakura that's your name right ? Isn't that because of the poison you made ?

Sakura is surprised !

Kakashi ( Yeah, they're having a beauty sleep, But I think Naruto is misunderstaning something here )

Back to the summit

Suna dude : Lord Kazekage is here !

Temari : Do we got the plan from Himaru ? ( Not really sure here )

Jounin : Yes

Kankuro : And the message from the Daimyou ?

Water Jounin : Did you had a good trip, Lord Kazekage ?

We received a message from the Daimyou.

Ao : Talk.

Akatsuchi : What this soon ?

Kurotsuchi : The Daimyous talked about Madara and the Bijuus ! The decision to team up to stop them wasn't long."

Back to Naruto

Kiba : "To think I was the one who found Sasuke ..."

Naruto : "Come on, stop getting pissed, Kiba."

Sakura listen

Kiba : "Stop trying to act all high and mighty will ya ?"

Kiba : "Aren't you the one who let Sasuke run after I found him ???"

Naruto : "You're all talk but no action ! despite being from Konoha !"

Kiba : "What the ... ! I should be the one saying that to you Naruto !"

Sai : "Now you said it ! To put it simply he's just stupid because he thinks too much."

Naruto : "Sai !! You sucker ! And you're laughing !"

Sai :"Why, thank you !"


Lee : Ahhhhhhaaaaa ! It looks like the Old Naruto-kun is back !

Kiba : "He means you never grew up ! A sucked is a sucker !"

Naruto : "Kiba, you sunovab ..."

Karin : "This guy ... is the exact opposite of Sasuke. His chakra is ... cheerful and warm ..."

"What the ? What's this dark and sinister chakra inside him ... it's almost like ..."

3 roots guys comes.

Kakashi, Sai and Naruto are surprised.

Root guy : "Sai ! What happened ? Explains !"

Naruto : "Who're those guys ?"

Kakashi : "Some guys of the Anbu Roots."

Sai : "Senpai ! As you probably figured out. Our Cursed Seal from Danzou-sama disappeared. This means ..."

Root : "He died ?!"

Sai : "Yes. So I have things to discuss with you senpais. Here is our now Hokage, Hatake Kakashi and ..."

Shizune : "Tsunade-sama !!!"

Shizune sense Tsunade's heartbeat.

Medic : "What the ?"

Nin : "No, it can't be."

Tenten : What ? Kill Sasuke alone ? We would never had aknowledged such a thing."

Shikamaru : "Tenten is right, Naruto. You were selfish here. Sasuke is the whole village's problem."

Kiba : "You know, we were prepared to kill Sasuke together. We had the resolve."

Naruto : "I wasn't selfish !"

Shikamaru : "Tell me Naruto ! You said you wanted to deal with him alone but ... you wanted to cover him, right ?"

Sakura : "..."

Naruto : "I didn't wanted to cover him at all !"

Neji : "The Kage Summit ! Sasuke was weakened after his fight with Danzou, Why didn't you finished him in one shot ?"

Sakura : "Madara was here ! You talk like it would have been easy to deal."

Kiba :"Even so ... He was just in front of you ! Naruto you're strong !

You're the hero who defeated freakin' Pain ! Someone like Sasuke should ..."

Naruto : "That's not it ! Sasuke will not back down with that ... ( Inside him too there's ... )

Chouji : "What do you mean ?"

Naruto : "Anyway ... You mustn't fight with him."

Neji : "?"

Naruto : "It's my responsability to fight him and no one else's"

Sakura : "!"

Neji : "What happened ? explain !"

Naruto : "When the time comes, I will tell."

Sakura : ( What are you hiding, Naruto ? ) Then she remembers what Naruto said to Sasuke.

Naruto : "Okay. I'm hungry. I'm going to Ichiraku."

Then we see Homura and Koharu.

Homura : "Even Danzou ... He was an excellent shinobi ..."

Koharu : "We must right now select a new Hokage !

Homura : "About the Ninja alliance too ... we must have a new Hokage !"

Koharu : "Well then, we have no choice. We support you to become Hokage, Suna already voted for you."

Kakashi : "My resolve is unbreakable."

Daimyou : "Well, then ... Hatake Kakashi ... you're ..."

Genin : "Excuse me !"

Kakashi : "!"

Daimyou : "What ? This a serious metting here."

Genin : "Yes, and I have something as much serious to tell."

Shizune in tears come into the meeting with a Medic Ninja !

Shizune : "Tsunade-samaaaaaa !"

Medic : "Thank god !"

Tsunade : "Shizune ... It hurts ..." Tsunade is back to her young self.

Back to Madara

Madara : "Take a good rest. Transplanting Mangeyou takes time, does it hurt ?"

Sasuke haves bandages all over his face.

Sasuke : "No ... ! It's coming nicely. I can feel Itachi's eyes. I can sense I'm stronger, now."