30+ Free Flash Photo Galleries and Tutorials

In this web roundup, we have handpicked some of the best free Flash photo galleries on the Internet. From web based scripts, to Flash components ready to be integrated on your website. And on top of that, we've also included some cool tutorials that will help you to learn how to create your own 2D and 3D Flash Galleries and how to turn it in a Flash Component.

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FlashFlickr PhotoGallery

A gallery from Sephiroth.it, based on Flex and Actionscript 3.0 that uses the famous Flickr API.

FlashFlickr photogallery

Flashmo 3d Grid

Flashmo is a well known free flash templates site, where you can find several cool interfaces like this 3D Grid gallery.

Flashmo 3d grid

PhotoDiary 1.0

PhotoDiary is a Flash based gallery, cool for people that don't have flash skills or would like to have an application where easily could manage the photos on a normal php back end.

photoDiary 1.0

Tony Photo Album

Tony photo album

FlashMo Stack Photo Gallery

Another cool gallery from FlashMo.

FlashMo stack photo gallery

3D Album

This 3D album component is based on the bellow "Building a 3D album with FIVe3D and TweenLite" tutorial .

3D album

Slideroll Gallery AV

Another very easy to manage flash gallery, that allows you to insert caption on each image.

Slideroll gallery av



Imagin Flash Photo Gallery

Imagin flash photo gallery

FlashMo Circle Gallery

FlashMo circle gallery

Art Flash Gallery

Art flash gallery

Zen Flash Gallery

Zen flash gallery

Flash Mo Grid Gallery

Flash mo grid gallery


Cool gallery, with a very easy navigation and clean layout.

Auto viewer

Flash Gallery

Flash gallery


This gallery it causes a somewhat interactivity wit a cool zoom effect.


FlashMo Photo Gallery

FlashMo photo gallery

InventMedia FlashGallery

InventMedia flashgallery

dfGallery 2.0

A Dezinerfolio application, with lots of features ready to use. They have even included a cool video explaining how to install and customize this cool gallery.

dfGallery 2.0

Polaroid Gallery

This is an impressive image gallery that can load data either from a xml file or flickr rss. You can use it on a portfolio or something like that. This is an open-source application, so if you have some actionscript skills, you can add additional features to it.

Polaroid gallery

Flash Image Gallery

Flash image gallery

Free Flash Gallery

Free flash gallery

Andrew Bergs Flash Photo Browser

A very cool interactive stack gallery.

Andrew berg's flash photo browser

flShow Carousel

A nice caroussel kind gallery.

flShow carousel

Simple Viewer

Another cool gallery, ready to use.


Veppa Photo Album

Veppa photo album

XML Photo Album



Building a 3D album with FIVe3D and TweenLite

This tutorial explain how to create an awesome Flash 3D Album using the FIVe3D framework and TweenLite.

Building a 3d album with five3d and tweenlite

Build a Dynamic Flash Gallery with Slider Control

Another cool tutorial showing how to create a flash gallery controlled by a slider and using xml data.

Build a dynamic flash gallery with slider control

Simulating PicLens with Flex and Away3D

A 3 part tutorial, creating from scratch a 3D application similar to the famous PicLens.

Simulating piclens with flex and away3d

Flash Slideshow Image Gallery

Flash slideshow image gallery

Learn How-to Create Flash Components using Actionscript 3.0, XML and Flickr API

If you want to create your own gallery, or if you want to add some features to some of the above mentioned examples, why don't you compile it as a flash component, ready to deploy in your following projects? And better than that, you can sale it in several sites such as the Adobe Exchange.

Learn how-to create flash components using actionscript 3.0, xml and flickr api