Download Koleksi Peta Dunia Vector Gratis

Free vector world maps can not be found easily as there are only few around.

I needed a world map for a project of mine for showing visitor activities on a map and found very nice ones that I'm pleased to share with you.

World maps are very handy specially with the increasing use of mapping APIs etc. So, don't forget to bookmark this post ( link).

Here is a collection of free vector world maps that you can use in your projects:

Free Vector World Maps from Digital Vector Maps:

Free vector world maps as well as dozens of other paid professional vector world maps.

Oval vector world map

Free Vector World Map With Nice Colors:

Free vector world map

Vector World Map In Blue & White

Free world map

Free World Map In SVG Format

Different versions of this SVG World Map can be found at the same address.

World map svg

Detailed Vector World Map With Selectable Countries

Detailed vector world map

Free World Map In Black & White

Free world map black white

Vector World Map With Country Names

Vector world map

World map (EPS file)

EPS world map

Dotted Vector World Map

Vector world map

Dotted World Map In Black & White

Dotted vector world map

High-Tech World Map

High-Tech world map

Ancient Vector World Map

Vector ancient world map

Old World Map Image (not in vector but high quality)

(Requires free membership)

Old world map

You can share the other world maps that you know to make the list better.