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Freesat is Go

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Digital satellite for the masses

Freesat, the UK's latestpackage of free-to-air digital satellite TV channels, has now gonelive, allowing viewers access to standard-definition and HD broadcastsfor a single, one-off payment.

Freesat logo

Freesat, whose logo (left) looks like a handfulof colourful guitar plectrums, is the long-awaited result of thecollaboration between terrestrial providers ITV and the BBC, which canoffer free-to-air channels to regions of the country, such as Cornwall,which currently cannot receive Freeview.

It is rumoured that the BBC iPlayer, along with Project Kangaroo, will become available on Freesat within a year.

Punters fork out for a dish anda set-top box, of which there will be two versions available, SD-onlyand an HD compatible version. The SD-only kit is mooted to be around£49, with HD receivers reportedly costing around £120-£150. A series ofintegrated Freesat-compatible iDTV sets are also set to be released,presumably in both SD and HD incarnations.

There is also said to be aone-off installation fee of around £80, although this is said to bevariable due to the physical constraints of the property in question,and where in the country the dish is being fitted.

Then there's installation,which Freesat today said will in the region of £80, though the exactfigure will depend on the nature of the property to which the dish willbe connected and where in the country it's located.