25 Situs Sumber Informasi Inspirasi dan Referensi Desain Logo

Inspirasi untuk desain logo sudah, baik yang style tulisan atau logo atau lambangnya. sekarang ini list untuk situs tentang logo-logo keren dan kreatif. kalau desainer logo atau desain grafis di sini tempat nongkrongnya. juga desain web lho kan gak tertutup kemungkinan juga di minta desainin logonya sekalian heheheh... ok :)

As logo designer You can often find moments, when You cannot thinkof anything good, but then such inspirational like this can become veryhandy. There are a lot of logo showcase sites You can inspire from andusually those sites list also all logo on popular categories, so Youcan see which logos and actually why there are so popular, sometimesartists even add their logo creation workflow there, allowing us to seewhat's really happening behind the scene. OK, now to the post - I foundtogether 25 logo showcase, portfolio sites and even few blogs whichdedicate their life to help You become an expert as logo designer.Enjoy!


My favorite logo design inspiration, there are total 2,273 logos there right now, when I am compiling this article.


2. BuzzShout

BuzzShout tracks the hottest web technology companies throughlistings, social reviews, and editorials. A huge collection of logos,now there are 2068 logos.



With Carbonmade, you can manage your online portfolio with a varietyof tools that allow you to change how you display your work. The coreidea behind the design of Carbonmade is to keep your images or video atthe forefront.



Faveup is a simple gallery of inspirational design. Everybody getsdesigner's block sometimes so it's nice to have somewhere to go to getyour creative juices flowing again. Faveup also gives credit wherecredit is due, rewarding great design with the respect and linkage itdeserves.


5. Logo of the day

Logo Of The Day is a high-profile logo design award scheme thatrewards the best professional logos and trademarks designed throughoutthe world. All suggested logos are screened by our two judges JacobCass & Jeff Fisher to ensure this.


6. LogoSauce

To free logos from the hidden depths of the designers hard-drive. Toexpose logos great and small to the world for comment and adoration. Toinspire great and fantastic logo design. To give logos their provenanceand lastly to show people the path to enlightenment and moreimportantly to the source of the very logo artwork itself!


7.DeviantArt Logo Inspiration

DeviantArt offers countless inspirational categories and also there are logo design category.


8. Lo8os

Lo8os is a logo gallery and graphic design community with goal to share design ideas, and inspire.


9. LogoDesignLove

Site managed by David Airey collects many logo design related resources You should see, if You are serious about logo design.


10. The Identity Archives Project

Identity Archives Project - a keyword-searchable database of logos and brand identity designs from around the world.

There's no need to register, and use of the database is free andopen to designers, brand managers, marketing professionals, educators,students, brand identity design enthusiasts, and the general public.


11. Logoed

Excellent inspiration and logo showcase site being around already 8 years with impressive archive.


12. Brand New

Brand New, is a division of UnderConsideration, displaying opinions, and focusing solely, on corporate and brand identity work.


13. LogoLounge

One more site with great logo design archive as well as interestingcategories like logo trends, featured designers, logo books and muchmore.


14. Good Logo

This site is dedicated to the artform of the logotype and its accompanied corporate identity.


15. Brands of the world

Best brands of the World is the most comprehensive resource and oneof the most visited web sites where visitors can browse and accesscopies of the world's famous brands and logos.


16. Identity works

This site celebrates the use of corporate identity as a managementtool, and credits corporate leaders and designers around the world foroutstanding work.


17. Logoholik

It's worthy also to check Bojan Stefanovic webpage and he is allabout logo and corporate identity creation. Browse his extensive andimpressive portfolio filled with logos, corporate identities to getamazing inspiration.


18. LogoTwo

LogoTwo is a dedicated Web 2 Showcase of logo designs.


19. Logo Faves

Logo Faves, a logo design inspiration site. A collection of bestdesigned logos around the web is showcased in Logo Faves, their idea isto bring You all the best of best logos they can find.


20. LogoMoose

LogoMoose is a showcase for the best logos from all over the world. Site brings you your daily portion of logo inspiration.


21. StationeryStyle

Once in a while everyone needs some inspiration. Site intention isto create a resource for everyone to get inspired by high qualitygraphic design work from around the globe.


22. LogoLog - Logo design blog

Logolog is a blog about logo design. Here logos are picked which bring only attention, more interesting logos than usual.


23. LogoBlog

Logo Blog is dedicated to giving you unbiased, reliable andindependent user based reviews and advice about Logos, and Logo DesignCompanies. Logo Design Company Directory is an extensive database of USbased and International Logo Design Companies.


24. E Logo Design

E Logo Design is led by Vukan Karadzic, who is one of the best-knownnames in logo design industry. It's not quite a logo showcase site, buttheir portfolio is really impressive.


25. MisiPile agency

Every artists has own favorites. Portfolio site featuring "Mouse andChick” collection of over 300 logos created for clients on fivecontinents.