Top 40 Open Source Script Social Networking Gratis

daftar script yang terbaik dan gratis, bisa di download, open source, script social networking.

Catatan: tidak tercantum dalam urutan tertentu.

  • spree
    spreeis an expert search engine where users ask questions to find otherparticipating users, who are knowledgeable in that area and willing tohelp

  • iSocial
    iSocial is a free social networking CMSsoftware that allows you to create your own Friendster and Orkut likesites. Use bookmarks, dating and create groups with just one mouseclick.

  • Mahara
    Mahara is fully featured electronic portfolio,weblog, resume builder, and social networking system for connectingusers and creating online communities.

  • Yogur
    This is a Social Network module for xoops CMS. You have seen Facebook, Orkut, Myspace , try Yogurt for Xoops!

  • VMukti
    VMuktiis a Unified Social Collaborative conferencing engine. Allows accessthrough personalized, mashable web-interface. Core features:- Videoconferencing, Audio conferencing, IP Telephony, Desktop sharing, Chat,Whiteboard, Presentation & More.

  • The PeopleAggregator
    ThePeopleAggregator is a next-generation social networking system thatgoes beyond the idea of social networks as mating games, and attemptsto use open standards, network inter-connectivity and massiveflexibility.

  • Appleseed
    Appleseed is (augmented) socialnetworking software, ie Friendster, only distributed. Sites runningAppleseed will interoperate, and form the 'Appleseed Social Network.'Development is focused on privacy and security, as well as ease ofconfiguration.

  • Mugshot Project
    The Mugshot site lets youtrack what your friends are doing online across a variety of popularweb sites � music, photos, blog posts, and more.

  • GetBoo
    Web2.0 bookmarking system, both social (with tags) and private (withfolders). Import and export your bookmarks from Firefox, IE, Mozilla,Netscape. Admin management section, translations, groups, bookmarklets,Firefox extension, RSS feeds, and more!

  • Akarru
    Akarru is asocial bookmarking engine, is used to build social bookmarkings sites,like Users posts links and promote links to frontpage using voting system.

  • Scuttle
    Web-based social bookmarking system. Allows multiple users to store, share and tag their favourite links online.

  • SemanticScuttle
    SemanticScuttleis a social bookmarking tool (based on Scuttle) experimenting newfeatures as hierarchical tags, collaborative descriptions or OpenIDauthentification.

    Create collaborative socialwebsites (like Ning, Myspace, Yahoo or Google groups). Each group cancreate a multiple web pages. They get a drop in guestbook, blog, forumand wiki. Each group is fully customizable using xHTML, CSS, javascriptand PHP.

  • Clonesumating
    Clonesumating is the open sourceversion of the code that runs CONSUMATING.COM. It features many stateof the art social networking functions including user profiles, usertagging, matching and discovery based on quirky tag combinations, groupactivities such as weekly photo contests and blog questions, an eventcalendar, RSS feeds for everything, etc. It is written primarily inmod_perl.

  • BeWelcome Rox
    Get to know the global village andother cultures, share your place. BW Rox is the platform and other social networks, aiming to bring peopletogether in real life. Organize your travel or stay abroad, travelblog,meetings, ...

  • ICEcore
    ICEcore open team collaborationsoftware uses social networking to unify team workspaces w/ real-timeweb conferencing. Collaboration for knowledge networking, programmanagement, communities-of-practice, telework, ...

  • Memephage
    Memephageis an automated web log (blog). It passively gathers and summarizeslinks from various places. Currently: IRC, social MUDs, e-mail, and webbrowsers. Uses the POE multitasking and networking framework for Perl.

  • InteractOLE
    Aplatform for the delivery and support of online learning. It differsfrom many other elearning platforms in that its aim is to concentrateon the social/interactive aspects of teaching and learning rather thanthe delivery of content to students.
  • Elgg
    Elgg is an opensource social networking platform developed for LAMP (Linux, Apache,MySQL, PHP) which encompasses weblogging, file storage, RSSaggregation, personal profiles, FOAF functionality and more.

  • CommunityNews
    CommunityNewsuses social bookmarking and bayesian techinques to provide periodicpostings to blogs. Users can vote for or against RSS sources tiincrease the chances that the source is used again. Spam filtering(bayesian) is provided by spam bayes.

  • OpenPNE
    OpenPNE is aSocial Networking Service Engine written in PHP. It has manyfeatures(friend control,friend invitation,diary,blog feeds,messagebox,etc).

  • MonkeyChow
    Feed Aggregator Reader (branched fromFeedOnFeeds) with Social Bookmarks (, Blogger, Newsvine,Technorati, mailto), Article Starring, Feed Tagging, OPML, ArticleSearch, Reblogging and Refeeding, Aging, and Edit feed attributes.

  • NewsCloud
    NewsCloud is an open source media platform for citizen journalism and the social news network hosted at

  • Feed Me Links
    FeedMe Links stores your bookmarks online so you can get to them anywhere.Import your favorites and share your links with friends. Add tags toorganize your links. Discover new things.

  • WorldSpace
    WorldSpace is a user-extensible shared virtual environment, aimed at being a next-generation social networking system.

  • Social Networking POC
    Anetworking site on the lines of Orkut.Right now we plan to build it onJboss seam and use a Java content management system like apacheJackrabbit as the backend. It would be more of a POC than an actualcommercial app.

  • Zoints
    Zoints is intimately aware that onlinecommunities are the most important aspect of the internet. Our freesoftware solutions are designed to help solve the three major problemsforum owners face: Member acquisition, Member retention andProfitability.

  • earth-life-simulation
    A simulation of theworld, there will be a global map representation and players can choosea country or civilization and develop it's social, political andmilitary existence.

  • PHPizabi
    PHPizabi is one of the mostpowerful social networking platforms on the planet. With literallythousands of websites powered by PHPizabi including everything fromsimple friends sites to the most complex networking super sites outthere.

  • Ozcode
    Ozcode is the source code behind, amicroformat-aware RSS aggregator, social networking, resource sharing,identity aggregation and presentation site.

  • TallStreet
    TallStreet.comis a new search engine concept where users make investments, withfictional money, in their favourite websites and the rankings aredetermined entirely by the users.

  • Jamss
    Jamss is a socialnews site based off of Jamss allows for peer submission andreview of web articles and can be adapted to fit a variety of themes.Jamss runs on PHP/MySQL.

  • Dolphin
    Dolphin is open-source and free, although there is a cost associated with removing the company�s links from your site.

  • Ospo
    Ospois an opensource social portal project. It use standard function (add,remove friends, top10), forums integration, music module (artistsdirectory with albums, songs), shoutcast integration, blog (add,delete, modify, view) and so on.

  • AstroSPACES
    AstroSPACES isthe world's first open source social networking solution. Coded fromscratch, it is highly efficient and very easy to use.

  • FlightFeather
    FlightFeather'sgoal is "social networking for everyone". This means that anyone shouldhave a chance to run a popular social networking site -- on minimalhardware, and without wasting bandwidth.

    SocialNetworking Open Source Software, an open source social networkingframework, written in PHP, javascript and MySQL with an AJAX UI.

  • OpenSocialNetwork
    OpenSocialNetwork is a social network of open source. Its main task is to create a social network releasing the source code.

  • S3B
    S3B- Social Semantic Search and Browsing - is a middleware that delivers aset of search and browsing components that can be used in J2EE webapplications to deliver user-oriented features based on semanticdescriptions and social networking.

  • Facelift
    Facelift is avisualization and analysis software for online social networkingservices. It displays a given community as a node-link diagram andprovides several search / filtering functions as well as clusteranalysis features.