15 Model Sexy Cute Korea Yang Harus Kamu Tahu

#1 Hwang Mi Hee (황미희)

Born: February 15, 1982 (why?)

No list would be complete without the legendary Hwang Mi Hee. She's themost popular Korean model on this site, based on her consistently highviews per post.


#2 Kim Ha Yul (김하율)

Born: November 18, 1986

Kim Ha Yul is always near the top of my list for Korean models. Hercute face and incredibly body is nothing short of being angelic.


#3 Seo You Jin (서 진)

Born: November 5, 1984

I think her nickname should be the pose queen, since she comes up withthe best poses and expressions. Her creativity never ceases to amazeme. Not surprisingly, she was ranked 1st in MissDica Top 40 No.16 beating out Hwang Mi Hee and Gu Ji Sung.


#4 Kang Yui (강 이)

Born: December 16, 1981

Kang Yui is frequently seen in elegant studio photos. She usuallydoesn't smile much in those photos, but when she does, she's simplyirresistible.


#5 Bang Eun Young (방은영)

Born: December 17, 1982

Bang Eun Young's wider face shape seems to always look cute no matterwhat she's doing. She usually adds to this cuteness with some funnyexpressions and poses.


#6 Song Jina (송지나)

Born: February 5, 1981

Song Jina is probably one of the most versatile Korean models. Herphotos often feature her being elegant, cute, funny, or sexy andsometimes all in the same photo set.


#7 Min Seo Hee (민서희)

Born: unknown

I believe her primary attributes are her cute face and legs. Min SeoHee is frequently seen in skirts and shorts that show off her long andslender legs.


#8 Park Hyun Sun (박현 )

Born: unknown

Besides her cute face, Park Hyun Sun has what I believe to be the best Korean backside (a lot of junk in the trunk). Photographers frequently emphasize this asset by taking many photos of her from behind.


#9 Lee Kyeong Min (이경민)

Born: unknown

Lee Kyeong Min frequently does quirky expressions and poses in herphotos. Although she has a young looking face, her hot body doesn'thelp hide her age (I'm guessing low to mid 20s).


#10 Lee Ji Woo (이지우)

Born: February 3, 1986

Lee Ji Woo is very popular and frequently ranks high on MissDica Top 40and many other people's lists. I think she has one of the morenoticeably large chests, which add to her lists of assets. She's verypretty and oh ~ ♥ a pretty girl!!


#11 Gu Ji Sung (구지성)

Born: January 7, 1983

Gu Ji Sung is another popular race queen who is frequently seen at many events. Besides her cute appearances, she can also dance.


#12 Im Ji Hee (임지혜)

Born: February 14, 1986

was first blown away by Im Ji Hee when I saw her in Maxim Korea. Herhot face and body surely made her an ideal candidate for Maxim Koreaand other events she was part of.


#13 Choi Yu Jung (최 )

Born: January 30, 1982

Choi Yu Jung won the 2008 Korea Racing Queen award for good reasons, beating many famous race queens like Lee Ji Woo, Seo You Jin, and Gu Ji Sung.


#14 Park Soo Kyung (박수경)

Born: January 9, 1982

A model that was recently introduced to this site, so I don't have much to say about her besides she's hot.


#15 Park Eun Kyung (박은경)

Born: August 31, 1984

Park Eun Kyung is certainly a popular model, although she hasn't hadmuch attention here. Surely, we'll put more of her stuff eventually.



hayo... mana yang paling manis?


Gudangnya cewek seksi tak hanya Jepang. Korea ternyata juga menyimpan sederet model cantik. Berikut 15 model Korea terseksi:

hwang mi hee

1. Hwang Mi Hee

2. Choi Yu Jung

3. Ban Eung Young

4. Gu Ji Sung

5. Kang Yui

6. Kim Ha Yul

7. Lee Ji Woo

8. Lee Kyeong Min

9. Park Eun Kyung

10. Park Hyun Sun

11. Park Soo Kyung

12. Seo You Jin

13. Song Ji Na

14 Im Ji Hye

15. Min Seo Hee