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eQuake Alert!!!

eQuake Alert!!!

Folks, did u ever thought of getting alerts on land disasters likeearth quake, right on your dekstop . eQuake is the solution for that.

What is eQuake Alert?

eQuake alert is a handy addon for firefox, which alerts you with thebasic information (date, location, and magnitude) of each earthquake.By default your browser will shake proportional to the earthquakemagnitude. You can configure the alert methods and even you can limitthe alerts by the earth quake magnitude. The recent quakes menuprovides a link to the detailed information of quake @ the USGS (USGeological Survey) website.

How does eQuake works?

This extension reads the rss feed provided by USGS (http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/catalogs/eqs7day-M2.5.xml)on regular intervals, that can be customized by the user (by default 5mins). It then parses the rss feeds and see if it is updated. If then,it will push those entries to the recent quake list and alert the userwith the basic information.

How Earthquakes are Classified?



0 - 3 Micro

3 - 3.9 Minor

4 - 4.9 Light

5 - 5.9 Moderate

6 - 6.9 Strong

7 - 7.9 Major

8 and higher Great

For a glossary of earthquake magnitude, go here

Find out more on RSS here.

eQuake Alert Roadmap

In the next version, we are planning toinclude more alert methods and filtering option. Please send us yoursuggestions at equake [at] freebookzone {dot} com.

Download eQuake Alertfrom us or from addons.mozilla.org


Recent Earth Quakes Status bar Menu

Recent Earth Quakes Status bar Menu

Filtered Earth Quakes Status bar Menu

Filtered Earthquake information in your statusbar

eQuake MessageBox Alert

Filtered Earthquake information in your statusbar

eQuake Alert configuration options

eQuake alert options

Please read the USGS Program Policy for the Information Quality.

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