Setelah Yahoo Geocities, giliran Yahoo 360 yang ditutup

Setelah kemaren Yahoo Geocities ditutup sekarang giliran Yahoo 360 yang di tutup. tadi cek email ada pemberitahuan untuk "menyelamatkan" dat. karena setelah 12 Juli 2009 maka taka bisa lagi mengakses Yahoo 360. wah satu-satu layanan Yahoo ditutup. tapi kayaknya yang memang tak menguntungkan lagi. karena nagapain make Yahoo 360 disaat sekarang ada FS dan FB (friendster dan Facebook). Untuk yang punya account Yahoo 360 silahkan selamatkan datanya.(jarang yang punya kali yah hehehe so cuek ajah,... asal jangan Yahoo mail ditutup :o )

Yahoo! 360° is closing. Here's information you'll need.

Dear Yahoo! GeoCities customer,

On July 13, 2009, we will close Yahoo! 360° to focus on making your new profile on Yahoo! the place to connect with the people who matter to you most. After July 12, 2009, your Yahoo! 360° content will no longer be accessible.

Your 360° blog content will not be deleted. However, to ensurethat none of your site pages break when we close Yahoo! 360°, we willfreeze your blog to prepare for this change. Please read on for moredetails.

The Effect on Your Blog

Beginning July 1, 2009,your customers will be able to read but no longer interact with thesnapshot of your blog, and you will not be able to use your GeoCitiestools to add or edit posts. Your frozen blog pages will remainavailable on your web site until you decide to edit or delete them. Learn more about what freezing means.

Moving Your Blog

We know your blog is important to you, so our top priority is to ensurea seamless transition to a new blog service. To help, we've built ablogging tool for you in your new profile on Yahoo!. You can move your posts to your profile with just a click.

We've also made it easy to download your 360° blog posts and commentsin a format that can be transferred to another blog tool (see the help center for recommendations).

You will be able to link to your re-created blog from your website. If you'd like to maintain a blog as an integrated part of yoursite, please consider upgrading to Yahoo! Web Hosting, which includes free blog tools.

Visit the Yahoo! 360° blog export page to begin moving your blog now.

Moving to Your New Profile

Your 360° information will not be automatically transferred to your new profile on Yahoo!. If you'd like to move your profile photo, nickname, and any personal status messages, please save or download these before July 13, 2009, then upload them to your new Yahoo! profile. Learn more about saving your 360° information.

Getting Help

For more information about the changes to your blog, the Yahoo! 360°closure, and your new profile, please see the transition information inour help center.

Best regards,

The Yahoo! GeoCities team