Naruto Chapter 436 Spoiler (RAW), Nagato, Danzou, Sasuke dan Yahiko akan muncul

dikasih tau kang sociex kalo di komik naruto 436 Pain Nagato akan tampil. saya lihat gambarnya wah Nagato kasian sekali bentuknya kayak robot, kurus. Tapi ingat jangan terlalu percaya Spoiler oke...

di blog lain saya baca spoiler naruto 436, kalau naruto akan mencapai level sage yang ekstrim, kagebunshin terakhir di myobokuzan akan dipakai. lalu naruto akan memadukan sage dan cakra kyuubi.(wah ada yang senang dengarnya neh...) Danzou dan sasuke juga katanya bakal muncul.... wuihh kalo iya ini komik terseru! kalo gak ini cuman nipu hiksz:(


Naruto is now gets flickers of Kyubi's chakra.

Sage mode goes to the extreme level and pain gets repelled away from Naruto.

The last bunshin is released and finally Naruto gets into full sage mode.

The bodies are been carried away and Naruto is now mingled with sage+Kyubi chakra.

Danzou has been found to be the culprit and he is at the peak of the mountain controlling the PAIN's.

Sasuke comes in and find Konoha has been destroyed.

He finds pain and see's that and tells Naruto to get out of the way.

Secret - Sasuke has found that it was not konoha's order to kill all the Uchiha clan but Danzo's.

Uchiha comes into the picture with his jitter to kill out the MAIN PAIN.

Others try to find out of Danzous whereabout. Kiba with his smell gets the source and all go for Danzou.


These are collated Predictions,Theories and Spoilers of Naruto Manga Chapter 436. I will release theconfirmed scanned pics and Spoilers for Naruto Chapter 436 by Wednesday, February 18 (Japan Time).

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Nagato : "C'est mon souhait" (French)

: "Sore wa ore no negai da" (Japanese)

: "This is my wish" (English)

Inoichi thinks there is a high possibility that Pain is on some high mountain in Konoha.

(because it would make the chakra transfer easier)

Then it's all conservation between Naruto and Tendou.

Pain wishes for peace and justice.

Naruto wishes for peace and justice.

Both have the same target but different means to achieve it.

Finally, the real body Nagato is shown.

Following is the spoiler writer's opinion:

He looks like a skinny Orochimaru, sitting on some four-legged, wheelchair-like thing.

There are a lot of black rods piercing out from his back and his body has a lot of holes/pits.

Konan: Nagato had used up too much chakra.

Nagato, with his mouth bleeding: Peace will arrive soon.