Yahoo Top 10 Searches 2008; Naruto lebih populer dari Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie dan American Ido

Yahoo baru saja mengeluarkan hasil pencarian terbanyak di tahun 2008. Dan seperti perkiraan Barack Obama pasti masuk top 10. Nah yang mengejutkan adalah Naruto bertengger di posisi Tujuh (7) dan itu berarti Naruto lebih populer dari Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie dan American Idol! gile beneeeer.... ganbatte! ttebayooo!

Top 10 Searches



1Britney Spears

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The singer's steep trajectory to redemption restored her to the top of searches. Her year beganwith a police visit, hospital stay, and psych evaluation. She returned under herfather's shelter and, by summer, settled custody with her ex. Professionally,she guested on a sitcom, won thrice at the MTV Video Music Awards, broke records with "Womanizer,"relaunched her site, and released a documentary detailing her fall and age 27.


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A June explosion destroyed a World Wrestling Entertainmentstage and "injured" chairman Vince McMahon, unleashing a sweaty soapopera of chaos that included his kids appealing for cooperation in difficulttimes. The stunt could've symbolized the sporting empire's battles against theeconomy's fall and mixedmartial arts' rise. WWE produced more events, videogames, and movies to make up for fewer paying fans, and faithfuls kept trackonline to maintain its Top 2 status.

3Barack Obama


The Illinois junior senatorfaced two hard-fought contests and nearly won a third—although toppling BritneySpears wasn't on his list. He entered 2008 as a relative newcomer on the nationalscene and ended the year as president-elect. His campaign defied politicalwisdom and made history at every turn. His Web strategy set the groundwork tomake him the first wired president and, in an unprecedented Searchsurge, landed him at No. 3.

4Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus (AP)

Before 2008, the singer/actress had been betterknown—and searched—by her Disney persona, Hannah Montana. She appeared on showslike "Idol Gives Back" as Cyrus, but true name recognition came with scandal: a VanityFair spread featuring the 15-year-old seemingly wrapped only in a bedsheet. Savvy Cyrus apologized,survived, and closed down Disneyland for a 16


birthday charity bash, and ended up at No. 4.


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The multi-player role-playing game's international popularityrests on its cheap access, ability to run on oldercomputers, and compelling play. Its underground success has even led toa real black market, trading actual cash for RuneScape gold—and controversial restrictions to stop it. A new boss, graphics, and touted player-versus-player combat release signal the company's powerplay to step up in the RPG battle...and take hold at No. 5.

6Jessica Alba

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Her movies fared none too well, following 2007missteps that got her three Razzie Worst Actress nominations. Still, she earned Best Movie Actress at theNickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and No. 6 in searches, buoyed by her wedding and baby HonorMarie (who earned a reported $1.5 million in her OK! mag debut). The pregnantpause may have given her impetus to switch to more serious roles—something towatch for in 2009.



The manga.The game. The anime. Whatever form Naruto Uzumaki takes, the awkward butaccomplished young graduate of the Ninja Academy remains the Web'smost popular fictional character in seventh place. His peers and enemies also commandtheir own followings, but the complex tale of Naruto (whose name translates to"maelstrom"), the orphaned misfit who craves recognition, resonateswith its generation of fans.

8Lindsay Lohan

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At No. 8, theactress made stumbling progress back from rehab, revolving-door relationships,and rejected roles. On the upside, she settled down (with amonogamous twist), bloggedabout politics, and recreated Marilyn Monroe's photo shoot. On thedownside, she got booted from "UglyBetty" and as World Music Awards host. Lohanhas had celebs testifying to her talent, but a true comeback may have to waitfor 2009.

9Angelina Jolie

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Leadingpower lists in Forbes and even Guinness World Records, the actress took herplace among Hollywood'selite. "Delicate" condition aside, she underscored her image as a tough-dame throwbackwith a 21


-century vibe. She earned box-office bucks as an assassinand cartoon tigress, Oscar cred in "Changeling," and karma by donatingher and Brad Pitt's twins' $14 mil pictorial payout to charity—moves thatmuscled her in at No. 9.

10American Idol

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Judges kept declaring its 2008 singers theirbest ever, but while the Fox reality show ruled ratings, an audience decline since2007 sent producers into a fit of self-examination. In a season beset withcomplaints, "Idol" had the lastlaugh with a smashing finale and iTunes recordbreaker. The show alsogot "cougar" into household vernacular, unlikely creditfor exposing youth to the democraticprocess, and a top Search 10 nod once again.

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