Cara Download Blob Video

Ada beberapa video yang tidak bisa di download memakai plugin addons dan website download video. Setelah saya cek itu video-video blob. Sepertinya blob video ini teknologi baru untuk mencegah video didownload hahahah. Apa itu blob? Setau saya blob itu tipe data di database. BLOB kependekan dari binary large object, adalah koleksi dari data biner yang disimpan dalam sebuah entitas pada database management systems (DBMS). Tipe data BLOB biasa digunakan untuk mengatasi obyek-obyek multimedia seperti gambar, video dan suara. Meskipun demikian blob juga dapat digunakan untuk menyimpan program bahkan fragment dari kode. Tidak semua DBMS mendukung tipe data BLOB. Beberapa DBMS yang mendukung BLOB yaitu Interbase, Paradox, SQLServer dan MySQL.

Saya tidak menemukan pengertian blob video di website berbahasa indonesia jadi pakai yang bahasa inggris ini saja:

Blob URLs (refW3C, official name) or Object-URLs (ref.MDNand method name) are used with aBlobor aFileobject.

src="blob:https://crap.crap" I opened the blob url that was in src of video it gave a error and i can't open but was working with the src tag how it is possible?

Blob URLs can only be generated internally by the browser.


will create a special reference to the Blob or File object which later can be released using


. These URLs can only be used locally in the single instance of the browser and in the same session (ie. the life of the page/document).What is blob url?Why it is used?

Blob URL/Object URL is a pseudo protocol to allow Blob and File objects to be used as URL source for things like images, download links for binary data and so forth.

For example, you can not hand an Image object raw byte-data as it would not know what to do with it. It requires for example images (which are binary data) to be loaded via URLs. This applies to anything that require an URL as source. Instead of uploading the binary data, then serve it back via an URL it is better to use an extra local step to be able to access the data directly without going via a server.

It is also a better alternative to Data-URI which are strings encoded asBase-64. The problem with Data-URI is that each char takes two bytes in JavaScript. On top of that a 33% is added due to the Base-64 encoding. Blobs are pure binary byte-arrays which does not have any significant overhead as Data-URI does, which makes them faster and smaller to handle.

Can i make my own blob url on a server?

No, Blob URLs/Object URLs can only be made internally in the browser. You can make Blobs and get File object via the File Reader API, although BLOB just means Binary Large OBject and is stored as byte-arrays. A client can request the data to be sent as either ArrayBuffer or as a Blob. The server should send the data as pure binary data. Databases often uses Blob to describe binary objects as well, and in essence we are talking basically about byte-arrays.

if you have then Additional detail

You need to encapsulate the binary data as a BLOB object, then use


to generate a local URL for it:

var blob = new Blob([arrayBufferWithPNG], {type: "image/png"}), url = URL.createObjectURL(blob), img = new Image(); img.onload = function() { URL.revokeObjectURL(this.src); // clean-up memory document.body.appendChild(this); // add image to DOM } img.src = url; // can now "stream" the bytes

Note that


may be prefixed in webkit-browsers, so use:

var url = (URL || webkitURL).createObjectURL(...);

Itulah penjelasan tentang video blob, berikutnya kita coba cara mendownload file video blob.

Bentuk URL blob video biasanya seperti ini:blob:

Langkah 1. Pakai browser Google Chrome untuk membuka URL yang terdapat videonya, play videonya.

Langkah 2. Buka menu developer tools.

Langkah 3. Klik tab Network.

Langkah 4. Masukkan m3 di Filter pencarian. Maka akan muncul file .m3u8 atau .m3u4, klik filenya dan pilih tab Headers. Copy semua path URL di Request URL, contoh:

Langkah 5. Buka VLC player dan klik Media pilih Open Network Stream...

Langkah 6. Masukkan URL yang dicopy tadi dan klik panah kebawah di tombol Play pilih Stream.

Langkah 7. Klik Next, Klik Add lalu buat nama file yg mau disimpan nanti, misal: video-blob.mp4. Klik Save

Langkah 8. Klik Next

Langkah 9. Klik Stream. Tunggu sampai selesai video di play maka otomatis akan disimpan sebagai video-blob.mp4 ditempat yang anda pilih sebelumnya.

note: video screenshot menyusul :)