Put it to the test. To find the right religion we need to look at the foundations on which it is based upon. Foundation such as; name of the religion, God(s) worship, source of guidance holy book, place of worship, prophets and method of worship. No need to go into details.

Let us put the religion to the test based on the following points;

1. Name of the religion
- Mentioned in the holy book
- Name of a person
- Name of a location

2. God(s)
- Many gods
- God with mother/father
- God has a son
- God which is the same as any creation

3. Holy Book
- Authenticity
- Not edited
- Not contradicting
- Matches with science discoveries

4. Place of worship
- Mentioned in the holy book
- Was created by their prophet

5. Prophet / Messenger
- Mentioned in the holy book
- Performed miracles
- Call to monotheism

6. Method of worship
- Mentioned in the holy book
- Taught by the prophet



  • Islam is not the name of a messenger or his birthplace or his race
  • Islam was mentioned in the holy book i.e. Quran
  • Islam was mentioned 70 times in the Quran
  • Islam means to submit to One God
  • The followers are call muslims


  • Allah (swt)
  • One God
  • One name i.e. Allah (swt)
  • Only existence God, angels, lucifer/spirits/devils, mankind, animals, plantations. There is no son of god, mother of god, father of god, sister of god or god incarnated


  • Quran or Al Qur'an
  • Quran based on 'harfiah' which means recitation
  • Revealed through a time span of about 22 years 2 months 22 days in accordance to the occurance during that time
  • Memorised by millions of people and majority are non-Arabs
  • Unchanged for over 1400 years
  • Every translation is accompanied with the original Arabic text
  • 100% words of God without any signature on it
  • Words and actions by the prophet is recorded as Hadith
  • Preserved in its original language
  • Arab linguist acknowledged the beauty of the language used and structure of the Quran
  • Zero contradiction
  • Revealed to an illiterate prophet


  • Masjid (mosque) mentioned in the holy book
  • Masjid mentioned 28 times
  • 2 masjid i.e. Masjid Quba and Masjid Nabawi was built by Prophet Muhammad (saw) himself
  • All masjid in this world faces one direction (kiblah) towards Mecca/Kaabah


  • Message carried by prophet Muhammad (saw)
  • He was mentioned in earlier holy scriptures
  • 124,000 prophets sent and for every nation there is a prophet
  • 313 messengers
  • All prophets and messengers calls to monotheism, to worship only One God
  • 25 prophets/messengers mentioned by name in the Quran
  • Last prophet/messenger Muhammad (saw)
  • Illiterate
  • Before he was appointed to be a prophet, he was known for his truthfulness and was given the title 'Al-Amin'
  • Stamp of prophethood between his shoulders


  • Compulsory prayers(sholat) 5 times a day
  • Method of prayer taught directly by prophet Muhammad (saw)

After reading all the facts above, let us compare all the religions in the world. Generally when research starts from the religion NAME, it shatters the religion itself, and that is before looking into the holy book, prophets etc.

translated by Fadhli Burhan, in Bahasa click here