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chitika, adalah salah satu yang saya rekomendasikan untuk teman2 yg mau pasang ppc di blognya. saat ini saya ada dapat recehan dari bidvertiser,chitika dan TLA. adsense? dah kena banned jadi males. silahkan daftar chitika disini

3 Steps for Earning More Cash with Chitika's Referral Program

Every Chitika Publisher has a unique referral link that can be found on your "My Account" page. Spread the word about Chitika via email, your Social Media channels, and your website and earn 10% of their income for the first 15 months they use Chitika.

Your referral link (copy and paste full link including your username):

Step 1: Find Your Referral Link by visiting your "My Account" page. The code is listed under 'Account Settings' under the headline 'Referral Settings'. You can also find the code above in this email.

Step 2: Get Social! Share your unique referral code with your personal and professional networks through social channels, email and on your site.

Step 3: Sit back and start earning money! Your work is done once a new user signs up with your unique referral code. You will start seeing the dollars add up quickly.

Tips for boosting your Referrals:

  • Incorporate more Referral Links onto your websites. Chances are you don't have any referral links present on your website. More links = more cash in your pocket.
  • Blog about us. Own a blog? Write about any positive experiences you may have had with Chitika ads, and include your Referral Link on all clickable links in the article. You can also encourage users to sign up for Chitika even if they only want to use it for referral purposes (Reminder: they need to have a Chitika account to refer)!

Your Chitika username is: antonblog

Referral FAQ:

  • I know I referred someone, but I'm not seeing them in my referral report. The reason for this is that your referrals will not show until they receive their first payment. Once they do, you will see your commission in your referral report and in your pending balance as well.
  • I told someone to sign up for an account using my referral link, but they signed up the regular way and forgot. Can I have them added as my referral? No. The user will need to sign up for another account using your referral link in order for you to earn revenue from their account.
  • Enterprise Referral Program: Do you have someone you want to refer to Chitika that earns over $10,000 in ad revenue per month? Send an email to for details.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Chitika Support.

Sarah R

Chitika Customer Support

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