The development of information and communication technology is very quickly; especially internet technology that affects almost all aspect of life. Internet technology with facilities such as centre information and data can be accessed speedily, and it makes communication become so quickly with no distance limitations. After that, it makes easy to trade and business transaction, so no need to go to the place of sale. All in all, Internet is becoming an important service center including for education aspect.

One of the application technologies in education is the admission of new students with online system. Besides, there is also government policy to establish Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as one subject in schools. It supports school to use technology, and Internet technology can be used as a source of learning and learning media.

However, internet technology in learning is not optimal. For examples, less of school uses the internet as media learning, even though the school has a network of internet. This condition happens, because most teachers cannot operate internet technology. In addition, students looked at the learning sites on the internet. Unfortunately, the sites have not been packaged for ready to use by students. However, there are also some sites have material teaching but still limited, and no more updates. Limited material of teaching that can be learned must be improved.

On the other hand, the lack of optimal utilization of the internet makes a negative impact to the students. Eventually, there are also many social networks on the internet such as facebook, my space, twitter and online games that attracts the students' attention. Thus, teachers are expected to use internet technology because it can be altiernative to design learning more interest, interactive and varies.

Mathematics learning with the computers and internet better known as web based learning. It is electronic learning (e-learning). Web based mathematics learning will have positive impact that can provide flexibility, interactive, speed and visualization in the learning. Web based math learning can be meaningful learning because students interact with the source and media of learning.

Web based mathematics learning is interactive learning using internet media that combine two or media. Development of interactive web based mathematics learning into innovation learning to improve student's motivation.