What are Script Kiddies?

Script kiddies are teenagers who use readily available tools written by experienced hackersto deface websites or break into computer systems, usually done for peer recognition and attention. Script kiddies have little or no personal knowledge of hacking and rely on other people's programs or scripts, hence the name, "script kiddie.” They are not considered true hackers and are looked down upon in the hacking community as giving hackers a bad name by engaging in immature forms of vandalism.

A popular pastime for script kiddies involves gaining access to website administration privileges in order to "tag” sites with electronic graffiti for bragging rights. This practice of vandalism is known as "Web cracking.” Bored teens build reputations among friends by taggingtens or even hundreds of sites.

In addition to website defacement, script kiddies also use hacking tools to compromiseremote computers. The process begins by using automated programs that scan computers connected to the Internet, looking for specific exploits. Once vulnerable targets are identified, other tools are used to penetrate the targets. If the target is a computer that is part of a private network, the entire network becomes compromised.