Daftar banyak sekali Domain dengan Dreamhost!

Register Domain Butts Aplenty with DreamHost!

Brett from DreamHost here!

If you've ever wanted to register a domain name through DreamHost, then .com, .net,.org, and .info were your only options.

It was a short list - a mere FOUR options with which to suffix your creative domain names.

So boring.

So limiting. So 2002!

We're an ICANN-accredited registrar, so while technically we had the ability to register MORE TLDs (top-level domains), we also had the ability to systematically ignore the mountain of paperwork required to add even a single new TLD to our lineup.

But you know something? The .com registry is so saturated with domain speculators nowadays that it really affects the ability of anyone to get anything done at the $9.95 yearly rate that so many domain registrars trumpet.

So we buckled down, signed some papers, and just like that - it is done.

We now have the ability to act as a domain registrar for a total of 21 top-level-domains.

We're also now handling registrations for more than a few special-case ccSLDs too (country code second-level domains) like "co.uk" and ".net.nz" - nine of them in total!

so many!

You can register any of these new TLDs and ccSLDs now from the "Domains/Registrations" section of your DreamHost control panel.

What's the damage?

We wish we lived in an "all-$9.95-all-the-time" world but, sadly, we do not. Could you imagine eating steak and lobster every night? I do it all the time!

Imagine it, that is.

Domain registries are free to set their own prices and there's not a lot of wiggle room, so we've had to break out of our $9.95 shell with some new pricing tiers.

Don't worry though, pricing on "the classics" hasn't changed one bit!


.com, .net, .org, .info, .coop, .de, .eu, .us, .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk


.biz, .es, .name


.asia, .ca, .cn, .in, .ws, .com.cn, .net.cn, .org.cn


.com.co, .net.co, .nom.co


.bz, .cc, .co, .mobi, .org.nz, .net.nz


.me, .tv, .co.nz



What does this have to do with my hosting?

TLD wordcloud!

You can host as many domains as you'd like on any DreamHost hosting account atno extra charge.

We include one free registration of any .com/.org/.net/.info domain name with every hosting plan (for the life of the plan!), but all domain registrations are billed separately from your hosting.

This makes .me happy! I'm .in!

I see what you did there! Translate that cleverness into a domain name that you wouldn't be embarrassed to put on a business card.

Just visit the "Domains/Registrations" section of your control panel to get started!